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Growing Girls

Arnica Foundation invests in adolescent girls and young women to help them grow into emotionally strong and powerful women.

Woman comforting an emotional young teenage girl sitting with her legs crossed on a sofa and crying

Arnica Foundation was established to address the serious mental health issues unique to adolescent girls and young women. Anxiety is a contributing factor in their mental health, and can result in depression, self-harm, obsessive compulsive disorders, and disordered eating – issues that require access to specialized therapeutic treatment.

In 2020, the Canadian Institute for Health Information reported that nearly one in four hospitalizations for children and youth age 5 to 24 were for mental health conditions, and girls age 15 to 17 were two times more likely to be admitted than boys. Additionally, Statistics Canada reports that eating disorders typically begin in adolescence or young adulthood, and affect women ten times more than men.

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America also reports that:

  • Over two – thirds of antidepressants are prescribed to teenage girls.
  • Self – poisoning victims are about five times as likely to be girls.
  • Girls make up over 90% of children admitted to hospital for eating disorders
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yellow arnica flower
yellow arnica flower
A group of four multi-ethnic teenage girls, 18 years old, standing in front of a school building carrying book bags and notebooks. They are high school seniors or freshmen in college.

We’re Growing

Growing girls depends on your donations to build emotionally strong and powerful women.